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Industry Pioneers

We have instigated our advent into this industry with the idea of being the financial doctors to ease your headache of maintaining a smooth monetary lifestyle.

Expert Advisors

we understand the importance of your time and money and thus our team keeps a round-the-clock watch on the share markets and their fluctuations. We provide you impressive portfolios based on extensive research and development.

Modern Methods

Our processes are all modernized and placed on digital platforms. You can invest in new opportunities with a single login and view fund performances with the same methods. We are now digitalized to provide you utter ease in your quest for good financial health.


We follow thinking that always follows tactics out of the ordinary to ensure that you receive extraordinary results that make your investment and patience worth the while.


Borkerage Plus Services | Trading can be done online or ofline

Key Features Of Elegant Wealth Platforms

  • Our esteemed clients can use their services anytime they want with our user-friendly app and approach.
  • We assure on-the-spot rational and expert advice on basis of the unexpected fluctuations of the stock market.
  • We dedicate our complete and enclosed rapport to our clients by offering them our unconditional support
  • We can create a portfolio with explicit diversification that will provide you a substantial amount of ROI.
  • Your investments will be managed with the utmost accuracy and utter transparency.
  • Our finance team is here to ensure your best financial health with our experience, courtesy, and precision.
  • We have elaborate and beneficial schemes for you that can yield their results in your portfolio management, intraday trading, and mutual fund investment plans.
  • Our company provides precise diversification based on various company analyses, their assets, yearly budget analysis, and an exclusive portfolio of shares that will give you a high ROI.
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Online Trading | Seamless report generation | Portfolio Tracking


  • 24/7 tracking
  • Secure Trading Experience
  • Investment Advise

Portfolio Management

  • Diversified Portfolio
  • Quality Stock Selection
  • High ROI Generation

Mutual Fund

  • Cash Flow and Tax Benefits
  • Low Transaction Cost
  • Reduced risk of Investing

About Us


Elegant Wealth is a renowned franchise of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. For marketing of MOFSL services across Saurashtra. We personalize especially in wealth planning so your finance never goes off the success track. We understand your quest for money which steals your patience as well as time. We at Elegant Wealth hold transparent solutions to your challenges and teach you how to plan and manage your finance with new techniques so that all is taken care of

We are working as an extensive group of 35+ partners who have created a paradigm shift in the way investors perceive equities in Saurashtra. We have been successful in achieving success for all their financial endeavors. Though finance is a total of numbers, it is an art which had been mastered by Mr. Samir Chag due to which he established the company in 2001. His wide experience in equity markets of 25 years has broadened the company’s perspective to a large extent. Mr. Nishant Chag has carried forward his prodigy by joining in 2011 after completing his MBA and CFA. The father-son dynamism has taken the company to great heights.

Currently, they are managing an AUM of 60 crores in mutual funds and PMS.


Elegant Wealth is the Best Financial Advisory Company that identifies its customer requirements and works accordingly. We develop the right customer solutions for our clients which when attached to our platforms show unique results. We recommend what is perfect for the client and nothing less. We provide uncompromised professionalism in what we do due to our experience in several markets, market conditions, and asset classes.



Reviews, comments from our customers and community.

I’m Ar. Satish Vora from Rajkot, practicing as senior architect consultant for more than 50years and still learning.

Myself and Mr. Sameer Chag are associated since 20 years with financial terms. He is driven, organized person who develops cordial relationships with clients. As foresight personality who takes calculated risks and grabs the foreseen opportunities which in turn reflect his command over-analysis of facts and figures of the finance domain.

It’s not only about various candlestick patterns and technical indicators to fetch high returns. His sound knowledge leads to high degree of returns in odd situations as well and gets high profit spikes in your funds.

Satish Vora (B. Arch)

I am Dr. Viral Chhaya from Jamnagar, senior practicing ENT surgeon

I would hereby like to give a testimonial about Shri Samirbhai Chag... " A pure soul, a real friend, a real well wisher , a person who does not see relationship as business and a person who smiles on your gains and cries on your falls... But makes sure that you smile again in your falls. After the treasury in your home, your money are next best safe in hands of Shri Samirbhai Chag."

I can assure you that if you put your money with him, as per his advice they are in the best of the hands and Sameerbhai puts his heart, soul, mind and expertise to make them grow

Dr. Viral Chhaya (ENT surgeon)

Nishant and elegant team is very professional and highly committed to their work and support. They have given me excellent advise for managing my finance, and I have planned my finance and invested according to their advise in mutual fund and stocks .They have made my investment very easy and in right direction. As I do not know much about economy & investments but due to their support now it is very easy for me.Thank you so much Nishat Chag and Elegant team.

Dr. Anand Jasani (City Dental Hospital)

I am highly impressed by the stock market knowledge Nishant has. He is supremely skilled in his work and possesses a good sense of prediction. He plays the role of my PMS, it is because of Nishant that I have got handsome returns in a couple of months. I would personally recommend to invest at least once with the knowledge of Nishant Chag and get striking profits on your funds.

Planning is bringing the future into the present. Nishant, is the one who is one of the best persons I have ever known who helps bringing better future into the present.

I feel proud tube bestowed with an advisor like you.

Mr. Vijay Aghara (Vbiz Solutions)